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  • Taloubet Z

    by: Galoubet

    Grand-prix showjumping with Christian Ahlmann

  • Sonate

    by: Stakkato

    International showjumping 1.50 m with Willem Greve

  • Zero Tolerance

    by: Roven xx

    Showjumping 1.30 m, sold to USA

  • Urloffine II

    by: Lux Z

    Showjumping 1.35 m, sold to Germany

  • Aloubette

    by: Babouche v/h Gehucht

    Showjumping 1.30 m, sold (NL)

  • Zorina H

    by: Sheraton

    Showjumping 1.35 m, KWPN-sportcertificate, breeding mare

  • Winnovet

    by: Burggraaf

    Showjumping 1.35 m, sold to Turkey

  • Laddidor

    by: Nimmerdor

    Grand-prix showjumping with Christine McRea (USA)

  • Karolus van Wittenstein

    by: Krack C

    Approved stallion, Grand-prix dressage with Partick van der Meer

  • Gräfin

    by: Carthago

    Showjumping 1.35 m, KWPN-sportscertificate, breedingmare

  • Bibisinaa

    by: Cartano

    Showjumping 1.20 m, sold to France

  • Charming Z

    by: Chellano

    Showjumping 1.35 m, sold to USA

  • Randor K

    by: Landor S

    International showjumping with Abdullah Al Marri (Dubai)

  • Sid Z

    by: Sjapoo

    Showjumping 1.35 m

  • Odessa K

    by: Jackson

    Showjumping national 1.30 m, KWPN-sportcertificate, breeding mare

  • Monalise K

    by: Indoctro

    Showjumping 1.35 m

  • May/CC Bloom

    by: Jus de Pommes

    Showjumping 1.30 m, sold to USA, Winner First Year Green Hunter Championship

  • Nobell

    by: Cordeur

    Showjumping 1.30 m, sold to USA

  • Pepper

    by: Animo

    Showjumping 1.35 m with Eve Staveley (GBR)

  • Okatje

    by: Caritas

    Showjumping international junior-classes with Francesca Capponi

  • Merlijn

    by: Emilion

    International showjumping with Daniël Etter